About Nick Woog

Nick Woog Professional Development Co.


Nick Woog has 15+ years of sales and sales management experience in the fields of medical and emergency equipment, training, SaaS, mobile technology and associations.  Specializing in getting started and the "restart" Woog has one delight:  your success.  To that end, Woog partnered with Jeffrey Gitomer and is one of Jeffrey's Certified Advisors (GCA).  Ideas, experiences and answers - all for you.



Woog lives in Seattle with his wife and two kids.  Passions include playing the piano, soccer, and cooking.

When not up to his elbows in children or flour, he fights a never-ending battle with the moss in his backyard, tries to fish and travels.  Woog sits on the Advisory board of KPLU and is an active member in the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.