The Survey Infographic

Take a look at the first sales survey recap and think about how it matches up with your organization and experience. Open the image in a new tab for the exploded view.  For a full detail on the survey, watch the video here!

Sales Behavior Survey

This a a 22-question survey on sales behavior, what sales people are required to do, what they actually do and what they want to do.  Take the survey, email an image of your finished page and get a 100% rebate on GitomerVT content for a month.  While the survey is open (all of November) anyone who takes the survey will be registered to win 6 free months of any GitomerVT option they want.  There will be 10 winners, so take the survey and get some great training as a "thank you" for your input.  

Sales Survey

Sales Training - 8 Questions & an Offer You Can't Refuse!

NWPDC is gathering basic data on current sales training and trends.  In order to get data, fill out this 7 question survey that should take you about 30 seconds (60 if you haven't had your coffee).  

Those who complete the survey will be given a ONE MONTH free trial* of any A La Carte course available on GitomerVT.  No strings, hooks, or funny stuff.

*Email me a screen shot of your completed survey.  Register & pay for the GitomerVT course.  I will get a copy of your confirmation and initial payment and within 5 business days, through PayPal or a check, you'll be reimbursed 100%.  

You may also request that I donate the repayment to a charity of your choice.  

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